And this is what happens when you run out of tequilaaaaa #tb (at morgs 19th 💃)

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very important announcement 

today is official Treat Yourself Day

October 13th, the original air date of that Parks & Rec episode

please remember to treat yourself today it is very important 


I just so happen to have a whole box of fruit loops in my kitchen and a movie ticket to anything in my pocket today is my day

Welp, that just rationalized my buying of a extra large slushy

 The queen of rap, slayin’ with Queen Bey

If you ain’t on the team, you playin’ for team D

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We should get married

In the car (1963), Roy Lichtenstein / Mine, Beyonce ft. Drake


r u ever like damn i hate my body but then ur like life is an illusion i’m floatin around on a rock trapped in an orbit around a ball of flame in a vast & largely unknown universe where death is unescapable who gives a shit ???


Books are so ideal for lazy people I mean we can do all these amazing things and go to amazing places and experience all these things all while sitting on our ass.


the cat makes this pic

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Cheers to frenchiee💋2⃣1⃣ (at ma crib)

Happy 21st birthday to my very best friend @anermartino 💕 Je t’aime frenchie💋🇫🇷 Thanks for giving your hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on. Your an amazing person and I know you will flourish this year with all the amazing things to come your way. Have an amazing night tonight wish I could celebrate with you again😽💖 (at 👼 Empire Hotel NYC 😈)